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Reel 2018 & Website Refreshment

2018 brings some changes for me.

So, why not start at the reel and website?!

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Scince the year is going to bring some very welcome changes, I thought it was time to make a new showreel as well as some design update of the website itself. So, my showreel 2018 presents projects from my employment time at PX4 Frankfurt, from my time at qubic - Room for new dimension as well as my internship at A&O Multimedia and also some personal and study work. For more information about the projects, visit the portfolio section (especially the Portfolio area.

A detailed overview of the shown projects can be found at the portfolio start.

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Play & Live - Kidsroom visualization

More visualization stuff!

I finally finished my visualization project "Play & Live - Kidsroom".

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At this project I wanted to mix classic visualization with some interessting perspectives, especially some close-ups of the toys scattered over the floor. My goal was to create an environment you could believe is inhabitated by a young child and to make some appealing shots.
I worked in Autodesk 3ds Max 2018 and rendered with V-Ray 3.6, a little post-production in After Effects CS6, but only some general curves and the depth. Source of most models is 3d Sky and also some Evermotion as well as the free toy models from Xoio Air.

You can check out the single views at the project overview.

City Office Visualization

Finally time to upload a little bit of new stuff...

I started to get myself into the topic architectual visualization.

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As a first project I set up a chef office in a bigger city building. The office has a working area as well as a lounge for comfortable conversations.

The project was done in Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 and rendered with ChaosGroup VRay 3.40. I did a little bit of compositing work in Adobe AfterEffects CS6.

You can check out the single views at the project overview.

3D & VFX Reel 2015

A lot had been created and so there's a lot to show!

After overworking the website, it was time for a new showreel. So here it is!

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The showreel for 2015 presents projects from my employment time at qubic - Room for new dimension as well as from my internship at A&O Multimedia and personal and study work. For more information about the projects, visit the portfolio section (especially the 3D Animations area.

A detailed overview of the shown projects can be found at the portfolio start.

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New Website

New Website Design

Time for a new design!

I finally got the time to overwork the structure and design of my little portfolio website!

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I hope you like the more modern design and find your way around it easily. Let me know if something got your attention!

qubic's AR App

AR App

Are you ready to be surprised by your own eyes?

At qubic we developed a little Augmented Reality App that let's you discover the qubic website in a new way!

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The APP is using the Vuforia extension for Unity to create an additional layer of perspective. Through this extension, you can scan images (or texts or objects), use these as tracking elements which tricker if filmed with the APP the appearance of a new element (3D object as well as 2D films/objects). Since your main tool for creating the APP is Unity, you need a basic/ good understanding of Unity as well as some scripting knowledge to configure further setups of the Vuforia scripts.

I was responsible for the technical setup and functionality done in Unity. You can find the APP at the Google Play Store or get more information at the qubic website!

See also the project at the portfolio overview.

An(i)ma Crowd Simulation


Get it moving!

For the revision of qubic's Herodian Temple scene and possible other projects, I took a look at AXYZ Design's an(i)ma Crowd Simulation tool.

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Goal for the testing was to enliven the scenery which had until now only static human characters. AXYZ Design's an(i)ma is a very easy to use and powerful tool for creating simple to low complex crowd simulations. It offers a direct connection to 3ds Max and Cinema 4D but has also the option to export the created animation through different options (one of them is MDD cache which works best for modo).

The tool in its free (trail) version offers different characters and poses/ animations to use and you can create walking animations inculding stairs as well as standing (fixed point) animations. an(i)ma has also options for sitting or walking through doors.

It is a great and relatively affordable tool to populate an animation. But it also has it's weak points. For example, you can not adjust the single step sizes of a stair and need at least 2 steps. In the Temple scene, we have some stairs that have irregular steps which did not work with the settings that an(i)ma offers. But otherwise the tool is really great, so try it yourself!

See more to the project here.

Medicial Animations


The medicial project approaches the finishing line.

For the current medicial project at qubic, we created a number of tumors and other stuff. Now most of the 3D elements are done.

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Most of the 3D work for this project is now done, it remains the post-production and the 2D animations.

Over the months, we created a number of different elements of the human body like organs, tumors and the inside of blood vessels.
My main task at this project had been the creation of the 3D elements and the praticle simulations. All done in modo 801! I also did some of the post-production work and 2D animations in AfterEffects.

You can get more information about this project at qubic's website or at my portfolio overview.

BMW Bobsled Winterberg

BMW Bobsled

The third animation for the Bobsled season 2015 is done!

After creating already animations for the racetrack Altenberg and Königssee, we at qubic finished the third animation that gives an overview of the bobsled racetrack of Winterberg.

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This animation was developed as a request from BMW as partner for the FIBT World Championship of Bobsled during my time at qubic. We developed the settings of the 3 German tracks (Altenberg, Königssee and Winterberg) and explained technical elements of the bobsled as well as key points of the racetrack.

My tasks at this project was the creation of a rig for the bobsled, the start animation as well as modelling some of the setup. Used software was The Foundry modo 801 and Adobe AfterEffects CS6 for post-production.

See the Winterberg animation here or take a closer look at the project.

All three animations can be viewed at the Youtube channel of the Bob und Schlittenverband für Deutschland.

SLR Camera: Canon EOS 700D

BMW Bobsled

A dream comes true!

I finally got my first SLR camera, the Canon EOS 700D.

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It had been a long-time dream and finally I was able to fulfill it: getting a single lens reflex camera. I chose th Canon EOS 700D and are looking forward to capture astonishing moments with it.

If you would like to see some of my works, then visit the Photography section of my website.

Master Degree Passed!

BMW Bobsled


Yesterday had been the day. I had the final presentation of my Master Project and with its success, I have now my Master of Arts degree!

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The last past months, I worked really hard to create a little guide tool to the topic Creativity VS. Photo-Realism.
In this guide, I give an overview of the historical development of modern Visual Effects as well as what Photo-Realism means. The question at hand here is where you divide Creativity and Photo-Realism and how (if possible) these two work togehter.
At three examples (actual movies combining these two elements) I explain why the created effects might appear more creative or photo-realistic.

If you would like to explore the guide and get more information to the topic, then visit the M.A. Project site. I hope you like it!

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